Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shooting Down the Mistruths About Sarah Palin - Episode #87,431

I've been having a debate of sorts with a fellow from the UK. He left a rather nasty comment on a video of mine, taking some rather egregious shots at Sarah Palin. I knew the statements he was making to be absolutely false, so I decided to show him the error of his ways. It's not my intention to reshape his political views but hopefully he'll learn a small lesson about backing up one's statements with facts. Shown below is what I wrote him.

You're in the UK? I frequently listen to BBC London. Based on what I hear from the many callers - their words, not mine - your country is doomed unless it dramatically changes it's walk down the socialist garden path.

Ditto for California by the way. And in case you're going to tell me that Schwarzenegger is a Republican, in fact he's a RINO and is very much governing like a UK Labour Party minister.

Let's go through your points:
  1. You stated that Palin thought Africa was a country. In fact, it was a McCain policy advisor named Martin Eisenstadt, who leaked out this Palin comment. There's one problem though: Mr. Eisenstadt doesn't exist. Please read this.

  2. You stated that Palin pretended to know what the Bush Doctrine was. I saw the interview with Charlie Gibson. That's not precisely what happened, was it? In fact, what transpired was that Palin was seeking clarification from Gibson about what he meant by the term "Bush Doctrine". You think that makes her an idiot? The originator of that term was Charles Krauthammer. Here's what he had to say about the Gibson-Palin discussion.
Do you now admit that you were wrong in both cases?

I assure you that it's not my intention to ridicule you. But I'm an engineer and build software for a living. Plus I'm half-German. So forming my opinions based on facts is part of my DNA. And when I draw conclusions based on false facts, I admit I was wrong and apologize.

As for Jon Stewart, you're convinced that he attacks both sides with his humour? Sorry, can't agree with you there. Like most of the American media and Hollywood glitterati, he has never and I predict will never take any substantive shot at Barack Obama.

Like you, I am far from religious. BUT I am absolutely fed up with people thinking they can use Christians as their new preferred kick dog. As I've said to several ex-friends, who I've lost over this issue, "You would never say such things about Blacks or Asians or Jews or Muslims. But because they're Christians, you somehow think they're fair game. I have some dear old friends who are devout Christians and so when you make such jokes I view you as personally attacking them and their beliefs."

Anyway amigo, as I stated earlier, it was not my intention to ridicule you. But I do hope you take the time to FULLY research your statements before you make them in the future.

In the same way that I listen to the BBC through the Internet, I hope I can make two recommendations to you:
I don't agree entirely with what either man says all the time, but I do find them both to be interesting most of the time. Listening to them may provide you with a little balance over the Left leaning media you seem inclined to solely follow.

Incidentally, I currently don't have much confidence that Sarah Palin will be able to get past the "stupid white trash moron" moniker that the MSM very deliberately gave her. I don't agree with this assessment, of course, but I don't deny that it is present in the minds of many.

To demonstrate how incredibly corrupt the MSM has become, Katie Couric is actually getting an award for her attempts to destroy Sarah Palin's character. Of course, that's not the way it's being portrayed but that is precisely what occurred. John Ziegler has further thoughts here. Apparently he attended the "ceremonies" today and was arrested! It's my understanding that he'll be appearing on Dennis Miller's show tomorrow.

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