Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is Political Correctness Now Firmly in Control of BC Politics?

First Ray Lam withdraws because the Liberals found some so-called "racy" photos on his Facebook page. I publicly stated on here and elsewhere that this was ridiculous for him to leave the race. Let the voters in his constituency decide if they want him as their MLA.

Then the NDP digs up something that Marc Dalton said 13 years ago. More to the point, nothing he said was hateful, he was just expressing his views of homosexuality at the time. Whether or not you or I agree with him is not the point. What is key is how many people in our province have so completely dismissed the concept of Free Speech. I can't decide whether to view them as more Pathetic or just Downright Scary.

Now there are cries for John van Dongen to withdraw because he has too many speeding tickets. It would be most interesting to look into the personal histories of those making such demands to see how incredibly perfect they are!

And lest we forget, all the while this is going on, very little of substance is being discussed in the actual campaign. Is it any wonder why so many British Columbians have become incredibly cynical towards all politicians? Two words to leave you with: Go Canucks!

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