Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vapid Journalists & Reporters

Parts of Saskatoon are quickly devolving in precisely the same manner as Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Why? Because they're following precisely the same misguided drug policies as Vancouver adopted long before.

Here (beginning at 7:00) is a brilliant discussion between Charles Adler and John Gormley.

When asked how the media could have been so fooled away from any semblance of common sense, Gormley responded (@ 12:50) : "You've got intellectually vapid journalists and reporters." Without realizing it, he was including two of CKNW's "finest": Bill Good and Christy Clark - both of whom have been longtime supporters of Vancouver's failed drug policy.

Tammy Robert, who works with Gormley at CKOM in Saskatoon, has numerous photos on her blog. Well worth checking out!

Out here in Vancouver, one of the few voices of sanity has been David Berner:

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