Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Arrogance of Environmentalists

I came across this editorial in the Calgary Sun. It is both half-baked and extremely disingenuous. I couldn't resist sending the newspaper this letter:

Michael Den Tandt states that Canada must follow Barack Obama's disastrous Cap and Trade policy because "the politics and the math are unavoidable".

Really? An obvious alternative is to just offer our precious oil for sale to other countries. There will immediately be instant takers the world over.

Last year Canadians were given the opportunity to cast their vote on the political views espoused by Stephane Dion and Michael Den Tandt. They were rejected. Vehemently!

The will of the people seems to mean little to their ilk. Neither do they have any real concern for the prosperity and health & welfare of Western Canadians. For without a doubt, should such suicidal economic policies be followed, there will be major negative consequences abound.

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nachtwache said...

Hear, hear!!