Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Roesgen: Poster Girl for Unethical Journalism

Susan Roesgen is a "reporter" for CNN. With all due respect that "R" word has to be in quotes. She is emblematic of how so many in the mainstream media have strayed far away from any semblance of ethical & professional journalism. The majority of the Americans who took the time and made the effort to peacefully protest their displeasure at the massive amount of debt their government is racking up are not "extreme right-wing nutbars" like Roesgen and her colleagues would have you believe. Yet she could not hold back her personal disdain for all of them, including the man she started to "interview" but then rudely interrupted when what he was saying didn't fall into line with her own political views. What kind of REAL journalist would do that?

The United States of America was founded by citizens just like you see here in Chicago, who were angry at an unaccountable, uncaring government that had grown deaf to their very legitimate concerns. Is history repeating itself? Make no mistake, these people are angry at both political parties and the politicians within. This is not so much a protest at Barack Obama, as it is against the irresponsibility of government as a whole.

As a thought experiment, imagine Susan Roesgen transported back to 1776, shoving her microphone into the faces of the citizens of the original colones and asking them why they were revolting. Then, when not getting the answer she seeketh, pulling away and screaming, "What dost though protest against?! The King of England hath given you so much!"

Update: The following comment came from a fellow on another site. He lives in SE Florida:

I attended the Tea Party protest that was held in my town, more people than expected showed up and for such a small town, it was pleasantly surprising. One big issue that is drawing alot of justified criticism is the President’s first spending bill, that was over 1,000 pages long but was quickly voted on and signed before anyone had ample time to even read it! Any Republican politician who thinks that it was simply an anti-Democrat or anti-Obama protest is kidding themselves, they started the out of control spending when they were in power and the donkeys just put it all on steroids once they got control of the entire government. When I returned home and watched the coverage of the various protests that occurred all around this country, I was struck by several different observations:

Despite the fact that there were nearly a thousand of these Tea Parties drawing hundreds of thousands of citizens, the crowds were energetic, but very peaceful. There were no riots, burned or overturned vehicles, physical clashes with law enforcement personnel, beatings, property damage or crude effigies of anyone being defiled or destroyed in any way, quite a departure from what we usually see from large left wing demonstrations on any subject. Most participants carried handmade signs, and people of all ages, political ideologies & ethnic groups participated.

The majority of the news media who continually gets clobbered by Fox in the ratings no matter what the time slot tried to downplay the numbers or passion of those of us who chose to attend these rallies, disregarding the fact that many turned out in bad weather to make their voices heard, and these so-called journalists chose to insult us as well which is why Beck’s & O’Reilly’s re-runs beat the prime time programming of CNN, ABC & MSNBC combined in the ratings, Fox dominates the daily 5pm to 11pm time slot by a very large margin. As for this alleged “reporter”, she’s a total disgrace and would be utterly embarrassed if she had any professional pride at all, which she obviously lacks! She humiliated herself and thanks to the Internet, her shameful attempt to “be the story” vs. simply reporting will likely be replayed & laughed at from now until eternity.

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