Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Roesgen: Poster Girl for Unethical Journalists Inc.

This is a follow-up video to the earlier one, showing what happened after Roesgen's hit piece. I defy anyone to explain how "Susan Roesgen" and "Ethical Journalist" can be used in the same sentence.

Mark Hemingway shares his thoughts on this despicable "reporter". (That last word has to be in quotes.)


nachtwache said...

People are pretty angry, aren't they?!

Pelalusa said...

When you have "reporters" spewing the Official Line of the State (and not even subtly) how is this any different than what innocent citizens must have observed in the USSR and Communist China?

nachtwache said...

So true! What's with these reporters anyway? She should shut her mouth and listen to what people are saying. Since when has reporting become giving your opinion?!
Instead of covering a story it seems they want to be the story.

Pelalusa said...

Here in Canada the preferred technique, especially within CBC News, is to shape the news through exclusion. This often takes two forms:

1. Not covering stories that don't fit into their own political narrative.

2. Not providing a representative sampling of people in a news story. For example, at a protest they'll focus in on the few nutbars instead of the majority of thoughtful citizens.

nachtwache said...

It's enough to turn ordinary citizens into nutbars! :) It just drives me nuts! I need to take some time out every so often. No wonder I've got high blood pressure.