Sunday, April 05, 2009

Vancouver Convention Centre - Exterior

The Convention Centre expansion was unveiled to the public this weekend. I couldn't resist going to see it. One little problem was that my camera is in the repair shot. So I borrowed my old Nikon 5200 5-MegaPixel camera, which I had given to my mom. The strangest thing about using it again was that the LCD display is only about 30% the size of my new camera. But I think things turned out pretty well!

I took this standing at the foot of Burrard Street, looking south.
Here's Canada Place, which constituted the entire old convention centre.
And here are several shots of the new one!

Yes, it was terribly over budget but the fact is that the original budget wasn't based on anything solid. I'm not excusing that mistake but click here to go inside and see what the citizens of British Columbia have purchased.

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