Sunday, April 05, 2009

Vancouver Convention Centre - Interior



Heading Down to the Exhibition Level

Exhibition Hall
225,000 square feet ... and absolutely magnificent!
The contents within didn't have a particular theme but I'm guessing they were present to show the variety of uses for this gigantic room. I would have killed myself laughing if they had brought in a replica of one of the PacifiCat ferries!

Level 1

The Ballroom is undoubtedly the piece de resistance of the entire facility! None of these photos do it justice. It's simply an amazing experience to walk into a somewhat darkened room and have an enormous glass window showcasing some of the most beautiful scenery of any city anywhere!
This is that large window. It's going to be a massive hit with all visiting convention delegates.

Cirque du Soleil performers were in the ballroom, entertaining kids from 2 to 92.
This is a shot of the West foyer immediately beside the ballroom.

I found the rough wooden finish of many of the walls to be a brilliant idea. At first one might think that the wood wasn't cut evenly but stand back a bit and your eye will be immersed in all sorts of amazing geometric patterns.

This is shot out the eastern doors on the north side of the building. The famous sails of the original Canada Place convention centre can be seen in the distance.

Level 2
This floor consists of a number of meeting rooms. This photo is of the north foyer.
Here's a birdseye view of the ballroom.
Here's a typical hallway connecting some of the meeting rooms.

Level 3
The top level has additional meeting rooms. Here's the foyer on the north side.
I loved how the unique wood pattern continued, even with the doors!

Exterior from the Interior
In no particular order, here are a variety of shots of the outside of the building, albeit taken from within the building.

When I get my regular camera back, I'll have to return here, along with a tripod, and get a proper panorama of Canada Place.

Here's a glimpse of the "living roof". At 6 acres in size, it is the largest living roof in Canada. You can read much more about it here.

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