Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Politics of the Convention Centre

Vaughn Palmer, on the recent Edge of the Ledge segment itemized a number of valid criticisms of the planning and building of the Convention Centre. You can listen to it here, beginning at 7:00. I can't disagree with him on any of the points he has raised. He lays out the entire project chronologically here.

In point of fact, Palmer should be applauded by ALL British Columbians for being a watchdog of every provincial government!

While exploring the Convention Centre today I wondered whether the NDP will raise the project problems as an election issue. If they do, I'm pretty sure it will be a huge disaster for them, for I cannot envision any reasonable person who can visit this building and not be incredibly impressed and proud. We'll see.

Incidentally, the aforementioned program was flooded with callers who clearly seemed to have the same talking points, courtesy of the BC Liberals. Though I am the furthest thing from an NDP supporter, I never enjoy such a show being hijacked in this manner. P.S. If you think the NDP doesn't try to do the same thing then I'd suggest reducing your marijuana intake to clear your mind some!

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