Sunday, April 05, 2009

What I'm Reading

Lorrie Goldstein: Climate Porn - It's All About the Money

Have you noticed that when politicians, United Nations diplomats, environmental activists, radical scientists, journalists and even, lately, multinational corporations, talk about "going green" to save the planet, the only "green" they're talking about is the colour of our money? And about how to separate us from it?

As things stand, even if the handful of nations required to reduce emissions under Kyoto were doing it -- and many aren't, including us, because it's impossible without devastating our economies and resorting to shell games like "carbon credits" -- Kyoto is only about one-thirteenth of what the high priests of global warming insist must be done. So-called "green" schemes, aren't green. Their real purpose is to make it so expensive to use fossil-fuel energy that we're forced to use less, not because we don't need it but because we can't afford it.

Margaret Wente: No matter what Alberta's Oil Companies do, they're guilty

For environmental groups, the dead ducks [at Syncrude] were a godsend. They cemented in the public mind the idea that oil sands mean dirty oil, which means the rape and pillage of the environment. For the industry, it was a public relations catastrophe - especially since Alberta was waging an all-out campaign to convince the world that oil sands development is environmentally sustainable.

Thomas Sowell: A Rookie President

We now have a rookie President of the United States and, in the dangerous world we live in, with terrorist nations going nuclear, just one rookie mistake can bring disaster down on this generation and generations yet to come.

What is even worse than making mistakes is having sycophants telling you that you are doing fine when you are not. In addition to all the usual hangers-on and supplicants for government favors that every President has, Barack Obama has a media that will see no evil, hear no evil and certainly speak no evil. They will cheer him on, no matter what he does, short of first-degree murder-- and they would make excuses for that.

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