Monday, September 01, 2008

Sincere Kudos to Barack Obama

Barack Obama has done the right thing and demanded that his supporters absolutely cut out the personal attacks on the children of his opponents. You can read more here. I congratulate and commend him for this.

I was curious about how widespread the attacks were so I went to Google Blog Search and performed this search. To some of these liberal "brown shirts" I posted some variation of the following:

Yes, there's definitely some hypocrisy here but you need to get a mirror to see it.

Put yourself in Sarah Palin's shoes. You strongly advocate abstinence to your children. One of your daughters chooses to not listen to you and gets pregnant. What do you then? If you're true to your (Palin's) convictions then you would encourage her to have the baby. And that's what she's doing and getting married to the father as well.

As for the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier, I trust you're aware that Barack Obama was born to an 18 year-old mother who was not married to the father at the time.

Final question: You seem to have no hesitation to delve into the lives of Sarah Palin's children. Should we thus assume that you're advocating open attacks into Barack & Michele's two adorable daughters? Sure sounds like. That's pretty sick.

Don't know if you've seen the latest news, but even Obama says that you & your ilk are slimeballs:

Good on him! If you actually worked for the campaign you'd now be out of a job!

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