Friday, September 05, 2008

Interesting Quotation

Last night I watched John McCain's speech. It was alright but he's clearly nowhere near as powerful an orator as Barack Obama or Sarah Palin. His personal story toward the end was pretty moving though.

I've since heard a lot of analysis about the speech, both pro and con. The most striking comment was this one:

"Whether you vote for McCain or not, if you were not moved by his sincerity then you are incapable of actually listening to someone you differ with."

It made me think back to when Free Speech became front & center here in Canada in early June. What became very apparent was that you only believe in free speech if you're willing to demand that someone you completely disagree with must have the right to openly express their views. Of course this excludes anything that incites violence, etc. But what became very clear was that many Canadians don't actually support free speech whatsoever. This both shocked and saddened me. It was also a vivid wake-up call of what, indirectly, 40 years of Trudeau inspired socialism has done to many Canadians.

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