Sunday, April 15, 2007

Memories of Expo 86

Were you in Vancouver for Expo 86? It was a fabulous time and somehow the entire city felt newer, better, funner. Is "funner" even a word?! But it really was a great event. One of the architectural highlights of the exposition was a glass-roofed Plaza of Nations. Now 21 years later it's all coming down. Sad, but perhaps inevitable, as most man-made structures on this continent don't seem built to last.


Anonymous said...

I remember Expo 86. There was an all-glass booth at the Plaza of Nations called "Studio 86" where you could record a song in front of everyone who happened to be passing by. Peter M. and I recorded "Under the Boardwalk" using the group name, "Couldn't be Worse," and after listening to the tape, the name was dead on.

If memory serves, you were there that day too and recorded our "performance" on video. I remember Shai and possibly Jeff being there too.

That was one great event. Hopefully 2010 will be as much fun.


PelaLusa said...

Hah, hah,

I remember that time vividly! I think the rest of us enjoyed mocking you two recording superstars!!!