Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Afternoon Round-up

A number of things occurred in the last 24 hours that I'd like to share:

  1. Last night I met up with a pretty lady for a drink. It wasn't so much a date as a long conversation with an old friend who I was meeting for the first time. We talked about a lot of things but what I got out of it more than anything was a reassurance that there are women out there who are hip & cool and not emotionally unbalanced. This was a necessary thing after the proverbial rug got suddenly yanked out from underneath me.
  2. I received an e-mail from a German friend who I hadn't heard from in some time. We only met once, in October 1994, when I was making a major transition in my life. He asked me to catch him up on the past 12.5 years. It's sort of weird to look at things from that perspective; almost like a movie. I started wondering if my life is about to make another major transaction.
  3. This same German friend mentioned that Germany is currently seeing the largest departure of its citizens since World War 2. I don't know all the reasons for this but have asked him to further explain it to me. I think this will be an interesting development both for Germany and for Europe; and not a positive one in either case!
  4. Anyone who knows me, knows how important BC Digital Divide has become in my life. It's an important and rewarding activity, even if I and my fellow volunteers make absolutely no $$$ from it. But once in a while we get some scamsters that lie through their teeth to get a computer, ignoring our "warnings" that the machines are only intended for those who truly can't afford them. It's still a rare thing but it happened twice this past week and it tends to make one disillusioned. But this afternoon I hand delivered a computer to a nice old gent in the West End. To say that he was profusely grateful would be the understatement of the century. This, combined with my walk home through gloriously sunny Vancouver, put me into the greatest mood!

  5. Does this box look familiar? Girl Guide Cookies were a wonderful treat, only once a year, when I was growing up. I received these as a present from a friend for fixing her computer. Yummy!

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nachtwache said...

Ah, yes, I bought some Girl Guide cookies, I think my hubby ate them all :) I told my boss, who has a computer to give away, about DigitalDivide, the computer didn't meet the criteria, so he's giving it to my son's girlfriend, who's a single mom, going to school and needs word, to do her schoolwork, he also gave some kids learning programs for her little ones, since his son has outgrown them. NICE!!