Saturday, April 28, 2007

New British Columbia License Plate

I walked by this car today and, at first glance, assumed it was from a U.S. State. I did a double-take when I discovered it was from BC!!! I must have been out of town when these new plates were announced. I think they look great!


Anonymous said...

When I first saw this licence plate yesterday (May 10) while behind another car in a McDonald's drive-through lineup, I thought, "Great!"
It is a good design, certainly. However, I think the slogan, "The Best Place on Earth" is a little over the top, and is obviously meant to be only a "commercial" for the duration of the Olympics 2010 run-up.
The new slogan, "The Best Place on Earth" sounds very much like the slogan for the old Barnum & Bailey or Ringling Bros. Circus: "The Greatest Show on Earth", and I do not want our Province associated with the hucksterism of a carnival midway.
Therefore, I won't be participating in the "user-pay-to-advertise" scheme. But we DO need a really nice licence plate like most jurisdictions in North America now have.
-- Charles in Langley

Anonymous said...

Why? Just to spend our money in a another useless way. Yeah, lets hire another random person to design a license plate. Wouldn't want to spend that money on cleaning up the streets, feeding the hungry or improving the medical system.