Tuesday, January 30, 2007

300 Computer Milestone Achieved!

In anticipation of a talk I have to give tomorrow to the Vancouver Chinatown Chapter of the Rotary Club I compiled the list of donations that BC Digital Divide has made since its inception. We just crossed the 300 mark! That might not sound like a lot but once you understand how many person-hours go into each computer, it's actually quite enormous!

You can read more about this achievement here.


Hillary said...

In one year! Wow. What an achievement! Sheesh, I can't believe what a wonderful thing has sprung up out of "Hey, I've got a computer for someone, anyone want it?"

Kudos to you, Robert! :)

nachtwache said...

And Kudos from me too! I rescued a monitor and keyboard from the fate of going in a landfill. It doesn't measure up to your requirements, but if my son's friends don't need it, I'll give it to charity.