Sunday, January 28, 2007

Every Community Needs A Village Idiot

In my neck of the woods this role is filled by my embarrassing Member of Parliament, Hedy Fry.

This afternoon she appeared on Sean Leslie's show on CKNW. Her "performance" prompted me to e-mail the host this letter:


Thanks for having that Beacon of Wisdom, Hedy Fry, on your show this afternoon. As a resident of Vancouver Centre, I've long thought of her as a MIMP = My Ineffectual MP. In times past, hearing her would have driven me to drink, but now I just laugh and laugh and laugh.

This afternoon was an exceptionally stellar performance, with her rivaling your longtime caller, Dave, for being able to speak endlessly without taking a breath. The piece de resistance had to be when the Queen of Burning Crosses charged Stephen Harper, an economist, with not understanding competitiveness!

You brightened my day, Sean!!


1 comment:

nachtwache said...

Good one! I'm sorry that she's your MP:( At least Svend didn't get back in!! The opposition, mainly the liberals, are quite entertaining, if only the public wasn't so ill informed, or dense. Bahh...follow, don't think..