Sunday, January 21, 2007

Environmental Talk: Reality vs. Rhetoric

I constantly hear many left-of-centre Canadian politicians ranting on & on about how the federal government and assorted provincial governments aren't doing enough to help the environment.

Three of them immediately come to mind:

  • Federal Liberal leader, Stephane Dion
  • Federal NDP leader, Jack Layton
  • B.C. NDP leader, Carole James
If I had the opportunity, I'd love to pose the following question to each of them:

Is it not long overdue for you to declare that if your party is elected that you will put an immediate moratorium on all coal and natural gas extraction and exploration, not just for consumption in our country, but everywhere? Please put your money where your rhetoric is and make this declaration today and then fight the next election on it.

I'm simply tired of all the B.S. and hypocrisy and would like some clarity about what tangible environmental plans each party really has. Present them clearly and succinctly and then let the voters make their decision.

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nachtwache said...

Agree! Previous post: Hey, I work at your olde post office :). -Congratulations, wishing you success with the pocket pollster.
-Read Berner's piece on drugs, Van's Major and treatment. Well, I don't agree with Sullivan, I think many people on the street have mental illnesses, drug addicts and alcoholics also often have issues, like depression, that could be treated with medication. Mentally ill people deserve better, if they can't care for themselves, than to be left on the street! If people are out of control, harm themselves and/or others, society has to take control, to protect them and society! OK, I'll quit ranting. These things just bring me to a boiling point!