Saturday, January 13, 2007

Online Dating Story - Too Funny!

Woman Runs Man Over After Match.Com Date

Jan 12, 2006 (AP) - Police arrested Southern California woman today for allegedly trying to run over a man she met on with her car. The woman has been identified as Maria Ramos, of San Fernando.

She is being charged with attempted premeditated murder, robbery with the use of a deadly weapon and false imprisonment.

Ramos reportedly drove to Redwood City in late December to spend some time with the victim.

On January first the man awoke to find Ramos had allegedly stolen one-hundred dollars from his wallet. Police say he demanded his money back and Ramos drove him to an A-T-M to retrieve the cash.

Police say at some point the victim, wearing only a pair of pants, got out of the car and Ramos allegedly began chasing him in her car around a parking lot, eventually striking him.

The man suffered minor injuries.

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