Monday, January 22, 2007

Problem Discovered, Solution Found!

I'm working double duty these days to add some extra features to my Pocket Pollster software and get it installed on some mobile computers for my new client. Things have been going well but today I discovered that there was a terrible problem "synching" their newer, more modern devices.
It turned out that the problem wasn't so much with my software but rather due to a change that Microsoft made to the latest generation of their mobile operating system called "Windows Mobile 5.0". When I first saw the error happening I freaked out, "Oh my god, this is the last thing I need with the tight deadlines I have!" But after MUCH research I finally found a posting on a software forum that provided the key to the answer. After many hours of code changes and testing, testing, testing I am now proud to say that Pocket Pollster is better than ever before!

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