Sunday, January 07, 2007

Switched Plans Redux

I'm a firm believer that Life/God/The Universe presents lessons to each of us and it's up to us to learn from them lest they be repeated over & over again. This weekend the big lesson for me can succinctly be summed up in one line: "If life closes a door, always be aware that another important one may be opened for you!"

I was all set to go out for a belated lunch with a friend of mine when he called to tell me that the rear passenger window on his car had been smashed the night before. 90 minutes later he was still cleaning up the mess so we just canceled. This gave me the opportunity to help out a friend/colleague of mine, and her husband, paint her new office.

I was there over 7 hours but it was a lot of fun and provided a great sense of accomplishment. Plus, they bought me a terrific dinner at The Keg, the second time I was there this weekend!

Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, the paint roller was invented by Canadian Norman Breakey in 1940.

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