Friday, January 26, 2007

[Certain] Politicians - Ughhh!!!

I vowed to myself to minimize the amount of time I listen to talk radio. It's very engaging but altogether too negative. The same issues get talked about time after time after time but nothing ever gets resolved. Much like politics I think!

Anyhow, this evening found me listening to Raymond Chan, Liberal MP from Richmond, blether on & on about how Stephen Harper has not kept his promises. Huh? And Double-Huh?

Oh certainly, Harper has backtracked on some of his promises but I think there were good reasons for doing so. More importantly though, how much arrogance must a Liberal like Chan have to start lecturing us, the great unwashed, about keeping promises?! This is like the Enron execs giving lectures on corporate ethics or a convicted murderer speaking about how to be a law abiding citizen. Sometimes it's best if one just SHUTS UP for a while, especially the Liberals, who are clearly living inside the proverbial glass house of public scrutiny.

When he started his rant, Chan offered an old Chinese proverb. I have an old Western Canadian one for him:

Question: What's the difference between a Federal Liberal and an Unprincipled Hypocrite?

Answer: Not too much!!

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