Thursday, January 10, 2008

Renewed Clarity on Canadian Values

For years, Canadians have been trying to explain precisely what "Canadian values" are. Most explanations have ended up with 4 words: "We are not American." Succinct but not very useful.

More recently, great clarity on this term has come from an unexpected source: The Laibar Singh fiasco. The latest chapter from this media circus is that Harsha Walia and her little group of anarchists have been lying about Singh's medical situation. For some time, they had been saying that he had a brain aneurysm. We've now learned that he has a spinal infection, a very different ailment.

All of this has helped to provide great clarity on what some Canadian values are:

  1. Not lying to the press and to the public.
  2. Not taking the law into one's hands through mob rule.
  3. Not crying "Racism" just because someone else demands that you respect the law.
I see some scary parallels between what's happening here and what has happened on a larger scale recently in Pakistan and Kenya. Harsha Walia is a thug, a gang leader. The law is reluctant to touch her because of her skin colour and gender but inside her beats the heart of a very vile person and clearly someone who is the antithesis of anyone with Canadian values.

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