Thursday, January 17, 2008

A New Type of Online Scam

I just landed a job ... that I didn't even apply for! Here's the e-mail I received:

CareerBuilder to pocketpepe
show details Jan 16 (1 day ago)

Summer Freight LLC Company

Good day.
Thank you for enquiry. We have chosen you for the position. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them to one of our friendly consultants and one of our regional managers will be happy to supply you with all required information. In connection with our company service promotion we declare the next vacancies:
1) Financial Manager.
2) Shipping and Receiving Manager.

- Resident of USA;
- Fluent English;
- Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel(optional);
- Home Computer with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail box at least twice a day;
- Adults only accepted (we cannot hire underage people);
- 1-3 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening / non-business hours) for communication and 2-4 hours a week more for transfer processing
- No criminal records and good credit history (your background will be verified with BAYCORP LTD)

Observances, learning capability, attentiveness and punctuality are welcomed.

Your occupation will be 1-2 hours per day. Some days will be completely vacant that means you may combine two jobs. The main idea it shouldn t make obstacles to work with our company.

Please visit our web site:
Read operating conditions in section: For Employees
If you are sure that this job fits you go to to register your personal account.

After this our manager will call you to have confirmation and clarifying some questions. After this procedure we send you a contract for signing which you should send to the Company address. As soon as we receive a contract signed by you we start working.

Management Department
Gary Mills

And here's the home page of their website:

Looks very professional, doesn't it? But it's all an entire scam!! They're just hoping that you will register or "the job" and give them all kinds of confidential information. Scary, scary, scary!

I looked up who registered this site. It's some fellow [apparently] in Spain:
   Bolek Dudek (
Ctra. de la Puerta, 9
Meira, 27240


Jean said...

I just received the same exact email today from summer freight. I guess we all need to be aware how legitimate something can look. The scammers are getting better and better.

D. Mark Lindell said...

I got the same email and did a 30 second investigation of the web site.

As always the dead give away is poor english... read close:

"Since this moment you can start to work!

We shall be glad to cooperation with you!"

Scottar said...

I have recieved something similar from a group called Xerpat. They also have a professional looking website. The position is such:

At present we’ve got the vacancy of PayPal account manager.

The major duty of the PayPal Account Manager is to process payments between our clients and our company via PayPal system. You will get 10 percent per transfer.

Benefits of this vacancy:
1. Flexible work schedule, work 3-5 hours per week.
2. Possibility of your career rising
3. Home-based.
4. Ability to take unlimited vacation (without guaranteed salary).

Minimal requirements:

1. You must have PayPal account with Verified bank account.
2. At least 18 years old.
3. Internet and Email skills.


Salary range is $500 - $3,500 per month.
No private data (Social Security Number, Mother’s Maiden Name or passwords) required.

Working Tasks?

Working Tasks?
1) To receive money to your PayPal account.
2) Withdraw money to your bank account.
3) Send money via Western Union or Money Gram to our client.

If you are interested in this job fill in this form:
First Name

Last Name





Postal zipcode


Cell phone#


Education level

Haven't got much info on it, just email from two different senders. How can you check out the website owner?