Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Neo-Conservative Time Warp or Neo-Liberal Nonsense?

Political Agendas. They're a funny thing. Some people's political agendas are so deeply ingrained that every single thing they see or hear is deeply viewed through the prism of their agenda. Another term for such folks is "Close Minded".

In times past, people with low education would generally be affixed with this label. But in recent years it's the ultra-liberals who more commonly wear the moniker. They may have a lot of education, but seem so dim witted when they espouse their views. A common trait amongst all of them is, "I'm so brilliant and know so much more than you, that if you don't agree with what I'm saying then you must be ignorant. Oh, and I refuse to debate you because I'm right so arguing with you would be a pointless waste of my precious time."

Such is the case with one Rudyard Griffiths, a Toronto writer who just had a silly column published in the Toronto Star and the Vancouver Sun, which you can read here. When I see someone try to make the case that 2 + 2 = 17, I have to call them on it.

To the Vancouver Sun I wrote this letter:

Rudyard Griffiths' editorial, "Why the U.S. election matters to Canadians" started out with an interesting, comprehensive analysis of the U.S. election process. But then it took a sharp left turn to reveal his real agenda: Attack Stephen Harper and paint him as yesterday's man. In essence, his idea of a "Cool Canada" centers around the following: even more lax treatment of criminals, rolling out the welcome mat for terrorists, and following the high priests, Gore and Suzuki, into a carbon-free future, no matter what the cost to the economy. Amongst his latte-sipping elitist friends in downtown Toronto, maybe such views constitute "public opinion", but in the real world where people need to work, drive their kids to soccer games, and are fed up with the drugs and violence on our streets, it constitutes nothing short of madness. The fact that a Toronto based writer is appearing in the Vancouver Sun makes me wonder if these "brilliant" thoughts came about after spending a little too much time with Marc Emery. Rock On, Rudyard, Rock On!

Robert W.


nachtwache said...

Jolly good letter! :) Maybe that's what it is with these people, they've been smoking funny weed.

PelaLusa said...

But of course they didn't print it. The Vcr Sun took a left turn a while back and it's difficult to get anything past their very liberal filters.