Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Conservatives Are Getting Spanked

There is much sadness on the U.S. radio talkshows today after John McCain's victory over Mitt Romney in Florida yesterday. It seems almost certain now that McCain will go on to become the Republican nominee for President.

This is bad news for Conservative Republicans because McCain is anything but. Arguably on many issues he's on the extreme liberal end of the Republican party.

Looking ahead, this means that American Conservatives will have a choice of voting for McCain on the one hand and either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama ... on the same hand. Expect a low turnout in November by traditional Republican voters and thus a likely victory for the Democrat candidate.

Looking ahead a bit further, one thing is certain: The "spend, spend, spend" mentality of the U.S. Congress will continue and this will be perfect for the Liberal mentality that is taking hold of Washington, DC. Once Americans realize how much all of these social programs are going to cost, I expect a huge backlash. Expect a Reagan like landslide for Conservative Republicans in 2012.

Politics is like a pendulum and right now Americans are wanting for theirs to swing to the left.


johnschochet said...

Since the Clinton era, Democrats actually have a much better fiscal restraint record than Republicans do. Take a look at 2001-2007, when the Republicans had total control of the government for six years -- everything was "borrow and spend." I know the Democrats aren't perfect, but they are for the moment the party of fiscal responsibility, and widespread support for Democrats in the business community demonstrates that.

PelaLusa said...

John, I can't dispute the historical facts you're citing. But I'm not as optimistic as you are that the Democrats will be fiscally responsible if they are in control of the government for the next 4 years. Time will tell.