Saturday, January 19, 2008

More on Canada's Kangaroo Courts

Mark Steyn provides a stinging condemnation of Canada's many human rights commissions. In it he features one Richard Warman, an Ottawa lawyer who appears to have been a plaintiff of the Canadian Human Rights Commission more than any other person on earth.

As Steyn says, "Mr. Warman has been a plaintiff on every single Section XIII case before the federal "human rights" star chamber since 2002 — and he's won every one. That would suggest that no man in any free society anywhere on the planet has been so comprehensively deprived of his human rights. Well, no. Mr. Warman doesn't have to demonstrate that he's been deprived of his human rights, only that it's "likely" (i.e. "highly un-") that someone somewhere will be deprived of some right sometime. Who is Richard Warman? What's his story? Well, he's a former employee of the Canadian Human Rights Commission: an investigator. Same as Shirlene McGovern."

Most interesting. Most frightening. Is this the Canada that Pierre Trudeau envisioned?

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