Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Law Students are backing down against Steyn ... sort of

The gang of four Osgoode Hall Law students is backing down temporarily from posting their obnoxious, anti-free speech views at their Law Is Cool blog. Like any bully, they're spinning a bunch of excuses for doing so, but are still smugly looking forward to the conviction of Maclean's by the 3 Human Wrongs Commissions.

I don't know if they'll ever post it, but I submitted this comment to their post:

Some day in the future I hope that all members of your little "legal gang" realize how pathetically hypocritical you all are. In the same piece that you criticize Mark Steyn (and anyone else who supports his right to free speech) you also have the gall to smugly say, "... we’re sure there will be some bench in the future weighing in on that issue eventually."

One has to wonder what you mean by this statement. In a strict legal sense, you are, of course, just stating that you await the outcome from the powers at be. But don't disrespect the intelligence of Canadians. Any reasonable person would add some variation of the following phrase to the end of it: ""... we’re sure there will be some bench in the future weighing in on that issue eventually [... and convicting Mark Steyn. Then we'll see who has the last laugh!"]

In Vancouver a court case has just been lost by two plaintiffs trying to win control of the Canucks hockey team. The defendants now plan to sue the plaintiffs for all their legal costs, which are reportedly $25 Million. If you're so convinced that Maclean's and Mark Steyn are guilty, why don't you sue them in a REAL court? We know the real reason, don't we?!

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Anonymous said...

You should check your facts. Not one of the Steyn complainants is in fact directly affiliated with lawiscool. The blog is a collaborative effort from many Canadian law students, all holding different viewpoints and perspectives.