Friday, January 18, 2008

The U.S. Isn't Immune From Stupid Politically Correctness

As I've outlined on here numerous times, political correctness is destroying Canada and must be stopped dead in its tracks. But a crazy story from the world of American Golf - of all places - shows that our neighbours to the south aren't immune from the same stupidity.

On January 4th, during a PGA Tour telecast, anchor Nick Faldo made a joke that younger players should "gang up" on Tiger Woods in order to defeat him. His co-anchor, a woman named Kelly Tilghman responded, "Lynch him a back alley." They both chuckled.

Afterwards, a controversy started brewing. Long-time racist and provocateur, Al Sharpton, demanded that she be fired. Woods' own agent, Mark Steinberg, was interviewed and said that he didn't think there was any ill intent on Tilghman's part. Of course not, because there wasn't! She had known Woods for 12 years and been indirectly involved in some of his business.

But lo and behold, on January 9th the Golf Channel suspended her for 2 weeks.

This nonsense, this crap, this knife through the heart of free speech JUST HAS TO STOP!!! People like Sharpton aren't saying what they are because they're truly offended. Rather, they're using political correctness as a weapon to further their own political agendas and egos. It's actually quite sick.

A long time ago a young woman I knew said something extremely wise to me: "If someone wants to find something offensive in anything you say, then they will."

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nachtwache said...

We used to call them cry babies.