Friday, January 11, 2008

What's the Real Agenda of Laibar Singh's Supporters?

I received an e-mail from a friend today, asking me what I thought the real agenda of the Laibar Singh supporters is.

Real agenda of this group? I'm clear that their convictions are very straightforward: Keep Laibar Singh in Canada at all cost. And then if/when they win that battle, they'll do it for the next person and the next and the next. Harsha Walia isn't too much different than the despicable thugs that wrecked the premier's office a while ago. Both groups have convinced themselves that we're living on "stolen lands" and thus the rules of Canada have no real meaning.

The problem with anarchists is that they can never really stop. For when they do their heads - proverbial or actual - are cut off by those who they once called "comrade".

Today, CKNW's Bill Good let it be known that MANY people in the Indo-Canadian community have communicated to him that they're afraid to speak out publicly in support of sending Singh back to India for fear of being ostracized (or worse) by radical members of their own community.

Has Vancouver degraded to something akin to 1930's Chicago? Seems like it. Perhaps Walia has already adopted "Capone" as a middle name?!

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Aaron said...

Hi again,

Well it's funny how the agendas of Singh's collaborators are so seemingly contradictory. On the one side you have radical Sikh nationalists (a la Air India variety) and I think we know how they work, but perhaps there may be even more moderate ones too who really are moved at the plight of a fellow Punjabi Sikh in a tough spot. Then there are the Anarchist nutjobs. In my previous post on another entry, I made an allusion to deporting Mz. Walia. After listening to the twirp, I wanted to know where exactly does someone like this come from? Apparently, Connecticut! And funnily enough, where do you think she came from before throwing up on Vancouver a few years ago? Montreal, right again! The same place where Laibar Singh was when he applied for refugee status and was rejected before fleeing to Vancouver (possibly together?). I wasn't aware that people facing deportation orders had mobility rights in this counrty.