Monday, September 24, 2007

Belfast, Maine

We made an extended stop in the town of Belfast. The architecture there was adorable. It provided a real glimpse into what small town living in Maine must be like.

You will notice that there are several ridiculous photos of me, yet none of Kristi. This was by design, namely hers!

We had lunch at "Young's Lobster Pound". It looked like a great big red barn parked on the side of the ocean. It felt like a simple, local place but the prices were anything but. I guess they realized at some point that their establishment had become a tourist destination so they didn't hesitate to inflate their prices. I thought the food was okay but we had better elsewhere.

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nachtwache said...

Hallo, what a life, travel, good food, friends, beautiful scenery ....and sun. You're a lucky man.