Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Repugnant Tip of the NDP Spear

British Columbia's election campaign seems to have gotten started in the minds of many. And from what I've seen already, some NDP supporters are determined to make it U-G-L-Y.

This morning, Kash Heed was interviewed on CKNW. After 30 years of being involved with policing, he has declared his candidacy for the provincial Liberal party. He's a very well spoken person and had some very interesting things to say.

Sure enough though, the call seems to have gone out to the thugs on the Radical Left. One fellow called up, had nothing particularly important to ask but simply wanted to insert the term "child eater" into the minds of the public. In case you're not aware, this is reference to a YouTube ad published a while back by COPE 378, a public sector union. It was a failed attempt at humour and a good nominee for Stupidest Election Ploy ever.

Yet this same union is not backing down. They're now running a series of other ads on 'NW that refers back to the original YouTube one. These people are so filled with H-A-T-E (I use the term accurately) that nothing will stop them from backing down. They remind me of that strange guy who is an univited friend of a friend at a party. He isn't funny, isn't polite, but simply resembles an obnoxious boor. Eventually he's asked to leave (by Carole James at some point, I'd assume) but then he even turns on her.

I was never in favour of the gag law and cite COPE 378 as a [not so] third party that needs to have their voice heard. Only then will the public understand how incredibly vile one key part of the NDP hierarchy truly is.

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