Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tibet Protest Against China

This afternoon there was a protest against the totalitarian regime that currently rules China, as well as the people of Tibet. Unelected, undemocratic, and unaccountable, the leaders of China have successfully brainwashed a billion people. Hitler failed. Stalin failed. But so far, at least, the Chinese leaders have done very well for themselves.

I have no sympathy for the argument that Tibet is part of China and that Western views are "misguided" on this issue. The primary ones who are misguided are the young Chinese nationals, many of whom have come over here to Canada, and some of whom have threatened me for posting this simple video. Such young thugs disrespect my country, its people, and what it stands for. They should be thrown out but because of political correctness, that will never happen.

I very much admire everyone who came out to this protest march. It wasn't an especially pleasant day and it's so easy and convenient for most Vancouverites to forget about what China is doing to a wonderful and beautiful people. Thankfully some have not forgotten.

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Yes, it's true that the People's Republic of China is a totalitarian regime that is unelected, undemocratic, and unaccountable under the Western standards we are accustomed to.

However, how many of the protesters you encountered would care to admit, or even recognize the fact that before the Communist Chinese re-annexed Tibet, that it was a draconian Buddhist THEOCRACY rooted in deep medieval superstition? Yes, you read THEOCRACY alright.

As noble as the current Dalia Lama is as a person, would you or any of the protesters find it hypocritical to denounce the current and presiding unelected, undemocratic, and unaccountable regime in support for a figure representing the previous regime that was itself unelected, undemocratic, and unaccountable . Unless of course you believe a theocracy is alright so long as it’s Buddhist and not, for example Islamic/Muslim.

But to me personally, the political system of the state plays second fiddle to the economic system in operation since I believe that matters more. In this case, the Communist Chinese clearly deserved credit and praise for their efforts.

Again, would you or any of the protesters care to admit, or even recognize the fact that economically Tibet was a FEUDAL society? Yes, the same FEUDAL system that Western Europe did away with after the Middle Ages! The all-powerful Tibetan Buddhist theocratic priesthood lived off the backbreaking labour of a society of illiterate serfs. Ordinary impoverished Tibetans subsisted without education or health care in the most underdeveloped conditions yet are successfully brainwashed into thinking the Dalai Lama is a living god! For all the work the Communist Chinese have tried to develop and improve living conditions by eradicating feudalism, providing basic schooling, medical care, electricity, roads and infrastructure, everybody seems to care about these human rights advancements…because democracy trumps economy apparently. If the Communist Chinese were right about anything with regards to “liberating” Tibet, they were right about the liberation of Tibet from feudalism.

And by the way, the events of 1989 were initially in reaction to economic matters…it was only later on hijacked by idealists who transformed it into a protest for democracy. Care to look up China’s annual GDP growth after 1990?