Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vancouver's Sins of the City Tour

If you're looking for something different to do in Vancouver then go on the Sins of the City tour. I didn't know what to expect but found it extremely interesting and enjoyable!

Japantown in Vancouver is probably the most under-appreciated neighbourhoods in the entire city. On the tour we learned that that many of the original fronts of the buildings had the tiled names of the families who owned them.
Look carefully and you'll see a Japanese name engraved in an Art Deco font.

Just one of 4 identical heads on the top of a building. Don't you decorate your home the same way?!
This woman came rushing out of the Japanese School we stopped at, most concerned about what on earth we were doing. Patrick, our tour guide, calmed her down though and she became very intrigued with the concept of the tour.
Lots and lots of lost souls all around, though I never felt unsafe.
Chinatown is endlessly fascinating.
Spot one of these buses when it's raining and you can easily get a seat!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the tour photos, video, and for your positive reviews! It's rare I get to see myself in action.

- Patrick

PelaLusa said...


If you want any of the original hi-res photos or videos, just ask!

You did a great job!!