Saturday, May 03, 2008

London Mayoralty Election: The 8-Year Socialist Experiment is Over

I've been careful following the Election for Mayor in London, England. If you don't live there you may be surprised to learn that the latest incarnation of this position has only been in existence since 2000. And since then it has been occupied by a devout Socialist named Ken Livingstone.

Much like the federal Liberal government in Canada, Livingstone and his Labour Party cronies have successfully played the race card with great success. But in the process taxes have gone sky-high, the bureaucracy has inflated in size, and corruption scandals have become the norm. In other words, just par for the course for a Socialist Mecca!

At the same time, crime has risen dramatically and the fear of crime has risen even higher. Such is the Socialist mentality of looking at everyone as a victim ... especially if the perpetrator is a minority.
The hard working, law abiding citizens of London are absolutely fed up and finally said, "Enough is Enough!" They've tossed Livingstone out and elected Conservative candidate Boris Johnson. The jury's still out about Johnson but clearly he can't be any worse than "Red Ken".

Coincidentally, my city of Vancouver has been following a similar pattern of one incompetent mayor after another. Our latest is not technically a socialist but is just as incompetent as one. One day things will get so bad that a right-thinking mayor will be elected and clean up the mess.

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