Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gilary Massa: Free Speech Denier and Devout Hypocrite

I have a question for all Canadians: Have you ever wondered about the quality of education your tax dollars are producing at Canadian universities?

A disturbing example comes in the form of one Gilary Massa, Vice President External of the York University Federation of Students in Toronto. Her and her colleagues on the York student union have declared that Pro-Life groups are no longer allowed to be on campus. She added that all clubs "will be investigated to ensure compliance".

Don't believe this is happening in Canada in 2008? Please read the story here. For more in-depth analysis read here and here. You'll also learn that just a few months ago, Ms. Massa was totally in support of free speech when it came to preaching hatred toward Israel. What a hypocrite!

I took a quick look at the York student council page. I'll let you draw your own conclusions but I sense that something has gone deeply awry at this university.

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