Friday, May 23, 2008

Letter to Jennifer Rubin


I learned of you and your blog from Hugh Hewitt's interview of you. The few entries I've read so far are most interesting!

I don't know if most of the commenters on here are Jewish Americans, but I'm not. I'm a Recovering Catholic in Vancouver, BC on Canada's Left Coast. But I enjoy learning about what others from around the world are thinking.

More than perhaps anyone on here realizes, your country's election has captured the attention of many Canucks. I'm no exception. Up until about mid-February I was enamoured with Obama's message of Positive Change. Then strange things started surfacing from him and from those around him. Since I've never drank any politician's Kool-Aid, I'm able to clearly analyze what's actually being said and change my opinion of the politician if need be. The more he has kept talking, out of at least 3 sides of his mouth, the more I've realized how scary he would be, not just for America, but for the West in General. Not at all because he's Black, but because of his extreme socialist views. I've seen how socialism has hurt Canada, France, and Britain. We're now on the mend, Sarkozy is trying to take France in that direction, and Britain may be moving the pendulum in the other direction soon.

On New Year's Eve last year I wrote a little something about my hopes & dreams for my nation in 2008. But I clearly shouldn't have limited its scope! Now that I see the Obamanation message coming clearly into focus, I realize that what he really stands for is directly against most of my core principles.

Worst of all is the Identity Politics that his campaign is playing. Not only are they pitting different ethnic & religious groups against one another, but they're using the new age PC trick of calling anyone who disagrees with them a Racist. And their millions of supporters are repeating the charge verbatim. I find this absolutely repugnant.

There's a bright guy on You Tube named Tom who recently posted a video called Sushi Politics. He makes an interesting, though flawed case, that people who eat sushi on a regular basis support Obama whereas those who don't aren't as enlightened. To him I asked a simple question:

Might it be possible that Obama's "base" consists of 3 primary groups:

  1. African-Americans.
  2. People who never equated the need for work as a necessary requirement to get what they desire.
  3. Liberal educated people who detest Bush and think Obama would be a "refreshing change".
Is there anyone else who really supports him?

To his credit, Tom did respond to my question but didn't really answer it. In the coming months I will watch the polls and see if a 4th or 5th group emerges. Somehow I don't think so.

I'm most saddened that Obama has turned out to be another Jesse Jackson like victim-laden politician. African-Americans deserve much more. If he's not a snake oil salesman, then he's the close cousin of one.

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