Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Now All Over For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the next presumptive President of the United States, at least in her own mind, has been stabbed in the back. The odd thing is, she did it to herself!

She's been caught in a lie - a big one - and it clearly seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Journalists are fed up. Colleagues are fed up. Even several of her own supporters are fed up. Peggy Noonan, in a comprehensive new article, explains just how damaged Mrs. Clinton has become.

Her article inspired this video:


simply said...

Clinton I do not know what you will do this time!
Will you try to kill Obama? Will you set him up with murder?
Will you go for a major scandal? Fraud…
Will you set him up with a woman? Or even a man?
What else can you come up with?

A sensible human being will start supporting a competitor when they see that all odds are against them, in order to regain some respect. But you have shown that you are not that classy. The longer you stay and try to make Obama look bloodied the more you get bloodied yourself… there is an adage that when you point a finger towards a person, the four remaining fingers point back at you!

I sympathize with your plight unfortunately this is just this boy’s time.
There is a confidence in you that makes you remain there to fight, however unfortunately it is not a good confidence it is evil that is why people are hating you and things are going against you. Women hate you men hate you American children hate you! There is no amount of champagne that will heal the depression that will follow.

The world is watching to see how you will win this? You know what? It is just like CCTV cameras pointing towards a thief… and watching what moves the thief will make next!
Respect yourself and do the right thing Hillary. Take some time out away from Bill, away from Chelsea and have a good THINK alone!


Anonymous said...

You may know of the above, I didn't and found it enlightening, although not surprising.

She will do anything. I wouldn't be too shocked to learn that a "hit" had been put out on Obama -- Hillary's desperation to be President is palpable.