Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remote Desktop

Being away for a month, I had the time & space to clear my head and think. One thing that became crystal clear was that I needed to improve my workspace at my home office. So I moved things around quite a bit and am very happy with the end result. Thanks to some advice from one of my best friends, a young lad in Mexico, I figured out a way to finally clear my desk of the huge 17" CRT monitor that once consumed a large footprint on it.

Its only purpose was to access a desktop computer that I use as a "server" of sorts for running a database and holding large files. But the fact is that I only rarely need to turn that monitor on. But how to get rid of it?

The key lay in turning on a neat feature in Windows XP called Remote Desktop (though some variation of it is available on every operating system. Once activated then I could connect to the server from any other computer on my network (or even outside my network if I so wanted).

This screen appears. Once all the correct permissions are set then you just need to press "Connect".

This is the desktop screen of my server, except that I'm looking at it on my workstation. One difference is the pale yellow tab on the upper edge. It reminds me that this is a different computer I'm looking at.
Other than that, it all works exactly the same as if you were typing at your local computer. Very, very powerful!

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