Saturday, March 08, 2008

Honolulu vs. Vancouver

I must confess that every day I go through a little ritual of checking a comparative weather screen on the Internet. Here's what was shown today:

Yes, I do realize how incredibly fortunate I am to be in Hawaii right now. And I venture out every day to soak in a little and the atmosphere all around. Please know that you can live vicariously through the many videos I'm posting on YouTube. Perhaps they will tide you over until your next visit here!

I don't know who these two gentlemen are but I surmise that they're important local figures and/or descendents of the same. A video crew was setup and interviewing them.
Sites like this are more common than you realize. Isn't that a lovely ocean?! :-)

Here's a good closeup of those crabs that inhabit the eastern portion of Waikiki.
This sign was taken last week up at the Pali Highway lookout but I had meant to post it. Definitely unique!
Here's a panorama of Waikiki, taken by stitching together several photos. I do love this place!

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