Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Last Full Day in Hawaii

I don't leave Paradise until late tomorrow night but today is my last full day here. After a slow morning I ventured outside.

My first stop was to get a bowl of Seafood Ramen soup at the local International Marketplace.
Then I stopped in at the Moana Surfrider Hotel and saw these kids making leis.
This is a line of umbrellas that sit in front of the Surfrider property.
Further in the distance are the umbrellas of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
Colour, colour, colour - it's everywhere!
I had never seen so many surfboards lined up like this. Only later would I learn why.

One of the many catamarans was leaving.

Can you guess what this guy is doing? Hint #1: He's employed by the "Star Beach Boys" company. Hint #2: Think "upsell".
These next two photos show one of many surfing classes heading out to some bigger waves.

Several Japanese ladies, especially older ones, always walk around with these little white umbrellas, so as to minimize the sun damaging their skin.

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