Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tip: Firefox and Commonly Read Websites

There's a cool feature in the Firefox browser that I've taken advantage of to great success. Most everyone I know has favourite websites that they visit daily or weekly. These might include sites that feature news, weather, horoscopes, lottery number, etc. In my case, it mostly involves blogs.

In the past I'd have all my favourite blogs bookmarked but then would individually open each one. Fine, but it involves a lot of pointing & clicking. There's a much simpler way! Take a look at this screen shot:
It shows my Firefox links toolbar. Most of the links are actually folders. These act like dropdown menus common in every Windows application. To view the sites I commonly do every day, I need just 2 clicks. First I click on the "Blogs" folder and then on "Open All in Tabs". This immediately opens all of the sites listed above it.

For sites that are not updated as frequently, I created a "Fridays" sub-folder.

To open up all the sites contained in it requires just 3 clicks. Pretty efficient, you've got to admit.

Incidentally, the separator lines serve no functional purpose. They just allow me to group my favourite sites in an organized manner.

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