Saturday, March 15, 2008

Democrats: Who's the Bigger Victim?

On the last day of last year I published My Hopes for Canada in 2008. Everything I said there applied to our American neighbours too. How incredibly sad & pathetic it is what the Democrat Presidential Campaign has devolved into. It's as if the two candidates, Clinton & Obama, were vying to be on these gameshows:

  • Who's the Bigger Victim?
  • Who's the Most Politically Correct?
  • Who is More Hard Done By, a Black Male or a White Female?
Back home in Vancouver I don't own a TV; very much by choice, I assure you. But in Honolulu, where I am now, I've been able to watch as much TV as I want and I often scan CNN and Fox News. It has been a never ending barrage of the very worst discourse between people who are supposed to be adults. If the contestants on Survivor were given ties and pantsuits, I don't think one could distinguish which was which.

Charles Krauthammer has a humorous take on this terrible identity politics.

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Geoffrey Meredith said...

It might be good for your health to turn that TV off. This is just media sports.