Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Relationship For Life or One Life Full of Relationships?

Writer Amy Alkon has just written an excellent article about being single and happy. This is something I think a lot about at times, though not so much recently. Do give it a read!


Amy Alkon said...

Hey, thank you so much for linking to that! I think too many people accept the status quo as a way to happiness, ignoring all the people that it seems to make miserable instead.

RedShoesBigTiara said...

Nope, don't think she covered all topics pertaining to singledom. Miserable singles make miserable couples. Once you know who you are as an individual, what you want out of life, and, for God's sake, stop acting like a four year old with mommy, being in a long term committed relationship isn't a half bad idea. While marriage has turned into the latest fad in the USA (like hobo purses, Mini Coopers, and small dogs in dresses) it isn't completly insane. Only the people in the relationships seem to be nuts :)