Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Cynical Birthday Reflection

Canada turns 140 tomorrow. I was two years old when it turned 100. This got me thinking a lot about the state of the nation.

This morning I went out for breakfast with my mom. Among other things, she mentioned a do-nothing cousin of mine named 'L'. All of her life, 'L' has been a sycophant to everyone in the family and even more so to the government. My mom said, "You know, her fundamental problem is that she expects everyone else to attend to her needs."

I reflected upon this for a second and said, "Well, considering it's Canada's 140th Birthday tomorrow, I think she perfectly represents the perfect Canadian!"

A highly cynical statement I know, but I think it's incredibly accurate of the mindset of soooooooooo many in our country today. :-(

So happy birthday, Canada, but I think you were much more outstanding when you turned 100. You've turned rather lazy and pathetic since then.

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nachtwache said...

Happy Canada Day! There are certainly too many freeloaders and self centered people out there, but there are also many great and caring people. It's unfortunate, that we've been enabling people to suck the system dry, instead of making them take responsibility.
That goes for anyone getting handouts over a prolonged period of time, it's bad for there feelings of self worth, takes away the desire to better themselves. Some people need to hit rock bottom before they'll start to change for the better.
Paul Potts is really good, isn't he? I kept an eye on the show on Google and have the videos of him singing saved to my favourites. I saw it before the last show. I was very happy Paul won!
Enjoy the weekend.