Saturday, August 27, 2005

Wonderful Reunion

I hadn't seen my friend, Mark, in over 20 years. Back in high school we were great friends, with a common love of computers and playing touch football most every day. But we went to different universities afterwards and lost touch.
Seeing him again was a GREAT pleasure for me, as it was so good to catch up after all these years. He has built an incredible life for himself, both personally and professionally. For this, and much more, I admire Mark a great deal!
What was very striking to both of us was that though we have lived very different lives all these years, our views on many, many issues are very similar. There's some profound significance to that, which I need to ruminate on some more.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I know that's Mark H! You're correct Rob in saying that he's a real gentleman indeed - that's what I remember as well.


Grad 82.