Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Kiss Seen Round The World: Then and Now

Have you seen this photo before? I was born in 1964 but even I am quite familiar with it. If not then you can read more about it here.

This year was the 60th Anniversary of this photo. It was taken on VJ Day (Victory in Japan Day) in New York City. The sailor and the nurse didn't know each other whatsoever. But they were both so full of euphoria that a passionate kiss was just a natural release of energy ... for both of them!

This week on the radio I heard an interesting discussion about what would have happened had it taken place today, rather than back then. The commentator said, and I happen to agree, that the sailor would have been vilified by the media and women's groups and probably charged with sexual assault. The same evening that it occurred, Paula Zahn on CNN would have been interviewing the nurse, portraying her as either a poor victim or as a tramp; in the latter case as a horrible example for women everywhere.

Can you honestly say this would NOT be the case?! I strongly believe it's EXACTLY what would happen!!!

I do believe in women's rights and abhor sexual predators but that clearly is not what was occurring here. But don't take my word for it. Read the story about the nurse herself. I applaud certain aspects of the feminist movement but in some cases I think it has gone much too far and killed many aspects of romance and spontaneity in the modern man.

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skye said...

I'm looking forward to viewing the life sized sculpture of this picture on display in Times Square, NYC.

Paula Zahn can say whatever floats through her small sane individual actually watch CNN.

Have you checked CNN's ratings?