Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Live Coverage from the American South

I've been watching live coverage of the recent hurricane devastation here and here. The devastation is absolutely unbelievable, similar to what we saw after the Dec. 26th Tsunami in Asia.

Watch it for a few minutes and I think you'll agree with me that it makes our own little problems pale in comparison.

I hope this serves as a BIG wake-up call for my fellow Canadians. Many of you are adamant that we should get rid of our military "because they're unneeded in this new century" and "if something bad happens, the Americans will rescue us". I find this attitude completely unacceptable! Not only is it selfish and hypocritical, but it is also absolutely irresponsible.

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flythemig29 said...

Every country that has had a strong move to disband it's military has had a very harsh wake up call. I hope that does not happen to the great white north.

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