Tuesday, August 16, 2005

And People Are STILL Supporting The UN ?

Any organization that is not accountable to anyone is ripe for corruption. This is an undisputable fact. Have you been following the growing revelations concerning the UN's Oil For Food Scandal? If not then read this.
Yet with all this evidence not only has Kofi Annan not resigned, but barely anything has changed in the organization.

This reminds me of the Star Wars movies. The Galactic Republic is very reminiscent of the UN. While all high & mighty on the surface, it was also corrupt to the core beneath the polished veneer.

How so many people keep on supporting the UN is beyond belief. I think they choose to stay ignorant to the facts or use the new line offered by many Canadians about our corrupt ruling Federal Liberals: "Oh sure they're corrupt, but isn't everyone corrupt?!" I wonder if this is the way that 3rd World Banana Republics began their great march downward?

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skye said...

Oil for Food Scandal?

Have you seen UNDP's new banner in Israel?

"First Gaza, next the West Bank and Jerusalem"

Apparently Palestinian Authority has the support and approval of the UN.