Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Useful Acronyms - Part 1

Let me share two great acronyms with you. Feel free to use them when the occasion arises.

1. "PVS" = Permanent Victim Syndrome
If our ancestors were to observe us today, I'm sure their first thought would be: "You all have it SO EASY!" And they'd be right. Yet, though the demands of life for most of us seem to be getting easier with each passing decade, the complaining of many seems to have gotten worse. I first observed this phenomenon near the start of this century and concluded that a new psychological disorder must be the root cause. So whenever you see someone whining about something that they really shouldn't be, then tell them that you're quite sure they have 'PVS' and should immediately go see their doctor about it. If nothing else, at least you might get them to shut up for awhile!

2. "MT" - Mindless Twit
This one I thought up just the other day when listening to attendees of the Live 8 concerts around the world. Not only did most of those interviewed have no real idea about the ultimate purpose of the concert they were attending, but some of them had absolutely NO idea whatsoever why the concert was being put on. And those that did, tried to explain how them getting to hear free music was somehow directly benefiting those in Africa. If I had been the reporter there, I'm sure I would have been arrested for hitting these twits on the head with my microphone! People like this can succinctly be labelled as "MTs". What's great about this acronym is the built-in double-meaning. For if you sound it out, you get the word "empty". Beautiful simplicity!

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